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by Rachel Lime

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Karrakaz 02:10
I dream about you all the time I think about you every night You’re on my mind You’re silent when I call your name You’re not alone, I’m alone This fever dream has cooled Into the softest reality I see it in my sleep There’s somewhere Where we could be something Out there It’s only waiting A million stars With satellites just like ours Somewhere we’re asleep together In a night that forgets to end I believe in that I want to believe in that I want to believe in you Like a favorite star But where you are Is a place too far So I wait for sleep So I can see your face I live in dreams In a hollow place Ashes and dust (What could have been—) Ashes and dust (Would we have been—) Ashes and dust
Voyager 3 03:48
Across a new ocean I think I hear you far away I sing a song And put it in a bottle I give it to the interstellar waves The future’s nice In the starlight Dear stranger Somewhere in the Milky Way Will my message reach you soon? I’m terrified it will I’m terrified it won’t I wanna see the light Of a different moon The future’s nice In the starlight Hello, are you out there Hello, I’m here We want to make contact We gave you a code to crack Please write us back The future’s spooky In the starlight
Silla 04:33
Meet me in the woods In the black woods By the creek after dusk You will bring your knife I’ll bring my crown My golden crown to you, down to you I know you believe in me I know you want this for me When I’m in your arms I start to see Everything I will be When I was a child The stars made me cry They were so far away I dreamt of a tower Sturdy and strong Tall enough to reach the gods Astronomy Mysterious geometry They told me of a prophecy
The Other 02:49
There’s been a sudden silence Oh, I can hear you again Singing from the other room I can’t ignore it anymore It’s from before My time has been carved hollow My bedroom ceiling turned to glass A window to the past No one knew me like you do I’m so selfish, it’s true Maybe I needed you Maybe you needed me To be cruel There are things I want to tell you There are things I’ll never say again If I open the door Will it be like it was before?
Idked 02:41
I didn't know what to say You were gone anyway
Trieste 05:36
Tonight My windows are open to the breeze The world smells so green Like the summer I followed you around From party to party, all across town I was a flare fired over the sea A flame on a match, too close to the finger You were cool cool water In the summer… I smoked cigarettes I was young and deathless You looked like a goddess In a candlelit painting You had a stillness You had a sadness I wanted to sound On the last night We went to the sea The wind on the cliff We moved down, Down to the beach Oh, it was agony Oh, my sweet mystery! I couldn’t breathe The wind ripped the words from me On the last night We went to the sea The wind on the cliff We moved down, Down to the beach Then you Moved down On me Down on me And then we — In the daylight I made myself Turn it into a dream
A.U. 03:54
I’ve been walking all alone Down the streets, looking for it Walking till the sun hits the road I’ve been dreaming long, dreaming slow Dreaming of a world beyond this day Beyond the blue Tell me you’ve seen it Tell me you want it too Tell me you’ll fight for it Tell me you need it too The world has gotten so cold I can’t seem to catch the code I know there’s somewhere where it’s summer I see its colours in my sleep Oh I’m lonely and I’m longing For the place I glimpse in dreams Do you want it Will you walk with me Do you want to see Do you want it like I do Will you find me there Tell me you’ve seen it Tell me you want it too Tell me you’d die for it Tell me you—tell me you— Tell me you’ve seen it Tell me you’ve seen it too Far beyond Far beyond the sea There’s a forest Where someone waits for me
Tonight, each dark shape is a dead animal. On the roof, I saw the corpse of a dog at my feet. Then a deer. Its legs dangled over the ledge. I talk a lot about a lot of things. Self-hatred, UFOs, loneliness. I talk and talk and talk, and still my bedside is expectant. Whose shape would I call forth from the night, if I had such a moonly power? I thought of them today. They told me a fable about the philtrum. We kissed, in the basement of the chapel. Not them, though I grew thirsty for their eyelashes. Nor him, the blue-eyed exam. Nor her, the forlorn marble. Perhaps you, you latest daythought. It is summer, which is our season. I drank too deep from the cup of my memories. The bottom was only a mirror, and I couldn’t peer past myself. To find your shoulders, turning away. No, the thing I would summon has nothing like a name. It is nothing like a person. Though a man once wore its shadow. And brimmed me with desert stars. It is nothing like a place. Though I have walked the rain-black woods. And the mud is still on my feet. It is nothing like a time. Though it is often past midnight, and full-mooned. It is probably death. But I don’t want to die. I don’t want you, I want your peaches. The ones we ate in your wide white bed. The bitter skin split between my teeth. 
My whole July turned sweet.
Do you remember her? The girl you said you were waiting for In the summer In the dusk We were hungry We were so young If you could Do you think you would Go back? Now I remember you The boy waiting at my door Will you touch me Like you did? In the dark Again and again It feels like yesterday When I loved you When I thought That I needed you It was the hottest day in July I said let’s go on a drive Out past the city lights Past the fields, deep into the night Roll all the windows down Play that good music loud Oh yeah, that’s the sound The stars in the sky Your hand on my thigh The green in the air The wind in my hair Do you remember her? The girl you said you were waiting for In the summer In the dusk We were hungry…


released June 11, 2021

Written, produced, and performed by Rachel Lime
Mixed by Brian Tench
Mastered by BreakPoint Mastering

Photo by Alan De Leon Taverna

3, 7: Additional drum production by Brian Tench
5: Co-written with Chelliah Thomas
5, 6, 7: Live drums by Bobby Granfelt
6, 7: Violin by Janny Joo and Zenas Hsu
9: Saxophone by Andrew Morrill

Released by Inside Voices Records


so many of them :

for listening throughout the years : Abaki, Alexa, Josh O, Justine, Kristine, Lukas, Michelle, Peter, Stella, Triv, Zach

for the insight : Agor, Alexa, Angel, Charles, Dillon, Ferdinand, Harlan, Isabel, Josh K, Judith, Matt, Miiv, Moonuel, Musky, Tex, Tomer

for helping me remember that music is important to me, in the midst of prob sets and memos : Irene, Mojib, Pete, + all the other living room concertgoers + doers (and Jennie for the spare room!)

for being a musical encyclopædia when I was stuck : Scott

for helping me with my very first gig : Micah, Nailah, Zoë

for sneaking me into the music building so I could record some piano : Elinor

for recording sounds for me even though I did not use them : Ben (misc), Evan (oboe), Samuel (car), Tessa (misc)

for recording 30+ minutes of driving sounds which I DID use : Morgan

& for some lovely harp chords : Hannah

for giving me that first map of musical landmarks long ago : Sean

for playing “cloudbusting” as you drove me around Saint Paul one day (night?) long ago, thus changing my life : Emma

for supporting me in literally everything from rehearsal space to instrument acquisition to housing—literally would not have been able to make this if not for you : Erin

for taking on this project, for all the insight and patience, and for indirectly teaching me a lot about writing and producing : Brian

for showing me other worlds : too many authors to name, and ofc Carl Sagan

for the 2am pep talks : Justine, Rob, Triv

and finally, my ANGEL INVESTORS who helped me get this mixed n mastered : Hanna, Katrina, Madeline, Marissa, Michelle, Nailah, Omorose, Viet



all rights reserved



Rachel Lime New York, New York

Music in search of other worlds

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